Friday, March 16, 2012

Deceiving Cover #1

It seems that there is a trend that's catching on the YA genre. 
You see them just about everywhere! Write a mediocre fantasy/paranormal story with vampires/werewolves/witches/dragons/ghosts/faeries (the more, the better), your heroine doesn't need to be an individual (remember, she needs to be helpless and pretty), add a sprinkle of insta-love, slap a gorgeous cover and call it a novel! 

I present to you, my series of Deceiving Covers!

What is a Deceiving Cover?
Good question! Basically, a deceiving cover is breathtaking on the outside, meh on the inside. 

What are the characteristics of a Deceiving Cover?
Refer to the YA trend description  above.

So does that mean I should avoid Deceiving Covers?
Not really. We have different tastes and I am just sharing my honest opinion. 
Remember, there are books with beautiful covers that have amazing stories and characters!


Deceiving Cover #1

VANISH by Sophie Jordan 


  1. Agreed. I don't know the book Vanish, so I'll take your word that it's meh. But I have read so many other YA recently that are just that . . . hot cover, but meh. My latest disappointment was Tempest by Julie Cross. Blah between two great covers. Thanks for an interesting blog.

  2. I heard about Tempest before and was warned to stay away from it as well. If you like YA Dystopia, I recommend reading Blood Red Road by Moira Young. The writing is very unique and the characters are amazing. You can read my review here: